Quantum Leap

A 6-month program to create cultural transformation that changes lives and changes outcomes for your patients, your unit, and yourself!


Is stress, isolation, and overwhelm stopping you from creating the outcomes you know are possible for your patients and your unit?



You put everything you have into creating the best outcomes for your patients and your unit, but all this effort is wasted without a clear strategy and plan to create the transformation you know is needed to take patient outcomes to the next level.

Quantum Leap is a 6 month program which shares research and evidence-based methods and strategies to create lasting, life changing transformation where it is needed most - at the heart of neonatal care. 


In this program you will learn:

  1. How to create a vision for the future with clear goals and objectives that your colleagues and unit can connect with and implement
  2. How to design a high impact change program linked to specific outcomes for your unit
  3. How to effectively implement cultural change that transforms outcomes for babies and families
  4. How to anticipate obstacles in implementing changes and have clear strategies to overcome objections
  5. How to create personal transformation and increase your confidence applying research based tools and techniques

This program is for you if :

  • You can see the opportunity to create change that transforms the lives of your patients and their families and believe in following an evidence-based approach to change outcomes
  • You have a vision for what's possible in your unit and by following a clear strategy and framework for change you would finally be able to bring your vision to life
  • You want to reconnect with your passion and purpose and know the results you create every day are fulfilling your potential and promoting excellence in your NICU
  • You recognize that your current habits can get in the way of you operating at your highest level and you are ready to be supported and challenged to make changes in your own life to become more confident and successful
  • You want to be part of an international tribe of like-minded NICU professionals that are creating transformation and changing the hospital experience for NICU families around the globe

Here's what you get!

The Science and The Soul

The Science Track is led by Mary Coughlin, the internationally recognized expert in the field of trauma-informed care for neonates and infants. With over 35 years of nursing experience, Mary immerses you in a curriculum framed by the principles and practices of trauma-informed critical caring. Using proven methodologies for quality improvement, learners will develop confidence and competence in creating measurable clinical practice transformation in their NICU.

The Soul Track is led by Mel MacIntyre, a Certified High Performance Coach. Mel mentors, challenges and supports you through group training and coaching sessions with your peers. Using specific research based tools and techniques you will reach a whole new level of confidence and success. You are supported through tribe learning to take the challenges you are facing and use them to create positive changes in how you operate and achieve results.


Bonus Offers

To support your commitment to this pilot program and your own growth and development we have some very special limited offers for the first 10 people to register interest to TAKE THE LEAP.

Bonus Offers!

  • 4 steps to Vision and Clarity mini-course - designed to help you make 2018 your best year yet through following a clear, proven process to finally connect you with your clarity and help you take action to realise your dreams once and for all
  • A free download of the neoPAL Basic App (iOS and Android versions available). This evidence-based mobile learning app focuses on the basic science and principles of neonatal positioning in the NICU
  • 3-month subscription to the Collaborative, an ever expanding curation of articles and videos related to trauma-informed, neuroprotective care

Here's what they say!

"Mary understands how difficult it is to make behavioral changes in units that struggle with the fragility of life. The technical environment and protocols for safety are certainly needed, but still, she shows how behavior and consistency are fundamental for the baby needs. "

Dr Annick LE BRUN
Chef de Clinique Adjoint Brussels, Belgium

"Mary Coughlin is one of the most inspirational leaders and change-makers I have ever encountered. She listens to your dreams, quickly points out the key factors that you should work on to make them happen and then starts providing you with tools so you can make the changes happen, keeping you in check with the goals you established but setting you free once you are stronger, so the merit of what you accomplish will be yours. "

Ana Garcia
Chief Nurse CHLC – Pólo Maternidade Dr. Alfredo da Costa Lisbon, Portugal

"Mary Coughlin’s passion for neonatal nursing is inspiring. Mary approaches her expertise with such a tremendous respect for not only her fellow professionals but also for the tiniest and most vulnerable humans of whom she serves. You simply cannot help but view the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit differently and strive to serve your patients more empathetically and with greater care after you hear her speak. "

Miriam Erdosi MSW
Associate Director Program Services California Chapter, March of Dimes Los Angeles, California, USA

Mary Coughlin MS, NNP

A leader in neonatal nursing, Mary has pioneered the concept of trauma-informed care as a biologically relevant paradigm for hospitalized newborns, infants, and their families.

An internationally recognized expert in the field of age-appropriate care, Mary has over 35 years of nursing experience beginning in the US Air Force Nurse Corp and culminating in her current role as President and Founder of Caring Essentials Collaborative.

A published author of a myriad of manuscripts, chapters and textbooks, Mary has mentored close to 10,000 interdisciplinary NICU clinicians from over 14 countries to transform the experience of care for the hospitalized infant and family in crisis.

"The time was right for me to invest in myself and I liked the structure of this programme...Each session brought different avenues to explore, following a great structure - with a clear purpose for each one...I had so many lightbulb moments - where we either surfaced some aspects for me which I hadn't considered before, didn't have clarity on, or enabled me to make connections I hadn't seen or experienced before. It's given me a wealth of insight into myself that I can continue to work with for years to come!"

Katy Miller
FCIPD, People Director

"For those out there leading or working with people, teams or organisations and you're ready to increase high performance and grow into your full potential, I highly recommend contacting Melanie MacIntyre from Find Your Flow. The CaveFit team had their first session with her on Monday evening and it was exceptional."

Peter Oakden
Founder and Director of CaveFit

"Working with Mel was an absolute pleasure. To be clear, it wasn't always pleasant, and therein lies the point. Mel's ability to gracefully take you out of your comfort zone is pretty amazing. Before you know it you are immersed in work around the things that really matter, challenging everything you thought you knew. Mel really knows her stuff and the fact that she truly lives and breathes what she teaches I feel makes all the difference. I can't recommend her highly enough and am looking forward to continuing our work together."

Wesley Smith
Director, Scene One

Mel MacIntyre

As one of only 400 Certified High Performance Coaches in the world, and exclusively in Scotland, Mel works with you to connect with your vision for the future and create deep, transformational change through powerful conversations, simple strategies and research based development programmes.

During an 18 year career as a leader, coach and consultant, across multiple industries, Mel consistently saw how challenging it was for women to become more successful without sacrificing their health, their time with their family and friends, their values and beliefs and the dreams they held for their future.

Mel blends simple strategies with science and soul, having both an analytical and intuitive coaching style. She works with you to apply practical tools whilst helping you connect deeply with your purpose and values and cultivate the quiet voice within – accessing your own inner wisdom with more ease and clarity and taking action to create powerful change in your life and career and define success on your terms.

For more info about Mel click here More about Mel


Make 2018 your year to create the transformation you've dreamed about


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